Monday, April 30, 2007

Round One

Taking a break from writing a paper.

I can't claim to understand how the Warriors have gone up 3-1 on the Mavericks, though I'm glad they have. I tend to check in these situations to see what the betting masses expect - GS has a 68% of winning the series, if cash-on-the-barrelhead is any indication. In some sense Dallas remains in a fine position to take the series back. Game 5 is actually quite crucial, rhythmically, for the Warriors. If they happen to lose it, then game 6 will be REALLY tough, with Dallas seeking to avenge the earlier home loss. Then it's down to game 7, and Dallas would probably have the edge in a balls-out, leave it all on the table rubber match.

Then again, this is discounting the fact that Golden State appears to be better than Dallas. This is probably the lone interesting first-round matchup thus far.

The Cavs put the Wiz out of their misery. What a pointless series. While I predicted the series would go six, I stand by my prediction for its spirit: the Cavs did not even try to dominate, Lebron was fine but hardly in top form, and the defense was mediocre. Giving up 90 points to those fucking scrubs was inexcusable. It would have been nice if, at least for one game, they'd gotten out to a big lead and cruised. I know full well that the Cavs will not underestimate the Pistons/Bulls, if they make the conference finals, but how will they approach the Nets? Betting on Carter is probably not a popular move, but he and Kidd have demonstrated the value of veterans in the playoffs. I fear for what Jason Kidd could do to the Cavs if they don't buckle down.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

brady quinn, medicine woman

well, akronites, i almost posted a HUGE congratulations for the browns taking GONE FISHIN' joe thomas instead of brady quinn at number 3. but, wow!! getting him at 22. very interesting! does that mean they can pay him a small enough contract to not be completely stuck with him if he doesn't pan out?? they should load that conract with incentives instead of guaranteed money.

also, i will be scouting YOUR TRIBE in oakland on may 17th.

and, well, imagine the beauty of both miami and dallas getting tossed in the first round. i have so much to say about the warriors that if i actually start i will probably lose coherence very quickly. BUT, check out baron davis wearing a hat that has bullets in it:


mavs = nba champions 2008?

think about this pattern in the NBA:

pistons '05 -- bitter loss in the finals
pistons '06 -- avenging finals loss by taking it all out on the regular season, then a completely disappointing playoffs
pistons '07 -- (we can all see the future -- obviously, pistons WIN!)

mavs '06 -- bitter loss in the finals
mavs '07 -- avenging finals loss by taking it all out on the regular season, then (if the W's can just fiercely clamp down tomorrow in game 4), a completely disappointing playoffs
mavs '08 -- sure, whatever

this is also based on THE COLTS and THE CARDINALS,
who each amassed a league-dominant record that led to a failed playoff, and followed up with an ordinary regular season that culminated in an actual championship.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Playoff rhythms

The general press reaction to the Bulls going up 2-0 against the Heat, if I could amalgamate some headlines, is something like "Heat in Familiar Position against Hungry but Untested Foe; Looking Forward to Winning Game 3."

I suppose the NBA is accustomed to just this kind of rhythm, and this year's Heat did, after all, fulfill the common prophesy of catching the Wizards to claim their division title even though they were under .500 at the all-star break.

But wait! The Wizards were horrible! They went 2-8 to close out the season, and even before Agent Zero got hurt, they'd lost six-out-of-eight. That team fucking sucks!

If the Pistons were somehow down to the Magic 2-0, as a fan you'd feel a little nervous but still probably forecase four straight subsequent wins for Detroit. But the Heat are not the Pistons. I think they can win one at home, but I doubt they can win 2. Down 3-1, with two more games at the United Center, they won't have a prayer.

In my mind, and maybe in reality, there are certain Nintendo-esque rhythms in an even or closely matched playoff series. A team can play at a "turbo" level for perhaps one or two non-consecutive games per series. But doing so early can be perilous, not only because it depletes energy storages but because failing to win in turbo mode damages morale. Therefore, the Heat COULD play game three at turbo mode, but it would leave them critically vulnerable in game 4, even if they pulled it out. The Bulls, meanwhile, only need to turn it on once more in the next three games to put the Heat on the brink of elimination. Inasmuch as they're the better team, in any games where neither squad is turbo-active I would expect the Bulls to clean up.


So the number of runs per team per game has gone up significantly since my last post on this subject, unsurprisingly since it's really early and a couple of offensive explosions can easily make up for several slow days.

However, oddly, it remains the case that batting averages are way down from last year. I first noticed this trend when looking at team averages in the Mr. 3000 invitational fantasy league - only one club is above .300, and I believe I'm in second right now at about .285. It turns out that the MLB average is .255, a good 15 points off of last year's average. Moreover, there is near parity between the AL and NL. This suggests that pitching in the AL is exceptional this year, since the parity is achieved in spite of facing 11% more good hitters than in a league without the DH.

OR I guess, pitchers could be hitting really well in the NL, but that doesn't appear to be true.

Meanwhile, another Mariners game was postponed.

Finally, on A-Rod - has a survey asking who fans believe to be the best Latino third-baseman of all-time. Notwithstanding A-Rod's unclear self-identification as such, it would be very amusing to me if Castilla received a single vote in this contest. Has there ever been a more outlandish beneficiary of the thin Coors air? To wit: Castilla's first full season was with the Rockies in 1995, when he hit an impressive 32 homeruns with 90 RBIS to boot. He hit 30/100 for each of the next four seasons, consistently batting around .300.

He went to Tampa Bay in 2000 (I guess they felt that if he could help one expansion team he could help another), where in 331 at-bats he hit 6 homeruns and walked the Mendoza line at a cool .221. After a few more mediocre years with a variety of teams, he was traded BACK to Colorado, in a grand experiment. Castilla returned to form at 35/131/.271. Sadly, the next year he was shipped to the Nationals (I guess the TB lesson wasn't fully apparent), where he hit 12 homeruns in 500 at-bats, before retiring at the end of last season.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Not to alarm you...

But Arod is on pace to:
Bat .400
Hit 126 HR
Hit 306 RBIs
Hit 234 runs

Also, a single tear as 1/9 of the baseball season has passed.

Also, orioles -- still above 0.500

Also - not to argue with jacob - not only did the warriors lead the league in steals, blocks, and turn-overs forced, they also led the league in number of points they let other people score against them AT 107 PPG. I don't know if that is because of the rocky start to the season (maybe since they gelled they have only let people score 102 PPG), but they do seem to let people score on them. Imagine if they didn't steal the ball or force so many turnovers. They would be giving up like 120-125 points a game. I like the warriors because they have constructed a way to play the game of basketball that i have never seen before -- and it works!

Monday, April 23, 2007

consider this: consistently best

how about magic johnson and charles barkley at halftime of the gsw/dallas game, having trouble articulating their disgust, resorting to describing the warriors simply as "helter-skelter", using that phrase at least 12 times??!

here's what people don't understand about the warriors:

phoenix made a gamble a few seasons ago. the idea being that you don't have to play defense as long as you can always outscore your opponent. people think that this only works because of steve nash, and that somehow, phoenix can produce points at a rate that no other team can. toronto tried to play phoenix-style, but failed, beacuse they actually can't score so prolifically as to offset a non-existent defense. people (and by people, i often mean 'charles barkley') look at the warriors, and say, "oh, they're trying to do the phoenix thing. they'll try to run a fast break on every play. therefore, we may conclude without further observation that they must not be playing defense." WHOAH, NELLIE! What Don Nelson proves (and maybe the Suns should "go to school for this") is that you can play small ball and defense at the same time. In fact, a stifling, crazy smallball version of defense. I think the Warriors are in the top 5 in the whole league right now, defensively. Detroit, San Antonio, Chicago, Denver, Golden State...who else?? The warriors, if I am not mistaken, LEAD THE LEAGUE in both steals, blocks, and turnovers-forced. And Monta Ellis leads the league in fast-break points, at 375. More than LeBron and 'Melo at 2 and 3. So, Charles Barkley, explain to me exactly what kind of defense the warriors are "not playing" ?!!!

Sunday, April 22, 2007


that's all.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Live Bloggings with the Bulls

Well, I don't know what's going to happen in this series, but it is very possible that Dwyane Wade is Jesus.

20 seconds left -- Ben Wallace with the "$60 Million Dollar Offensive Rebound" -- quite literally, that could have just won game 1.

Earlier today, wow did the Raptors look vulnerable. Nets/Cavs could be a beautiful series.

10 seconds left -- Hmm. Wade not Jesus. He missed. Or, Jesus still doesn't have 3-point range.

It is possible that the Raptors might have executed better down the stretch with Garbajosa in there
to take some of those 3-pointers. This is the rare situation where you can say, "they missed the rookie's veteran experience"

0.00 - BULLS WIN.

Friday, April 20, 2007

NE Ohio Reacts

Wow, it's been a big week for our teams. The Browns are preparing to draft third overall next Saturday. The Cavs are in prime position as the playoffs begin. And the Indians fuck up a quality start to the '07 season. I suppose I should touch on all three topics. And yes, as my entry's title indicates, I'm speaking for all NE Ohio sports fans. At least the smart ones.

I wish it weren't true, but I feel like next Saturday will mark the start of the Brady Quinn era in Cleveland. The mere thought of Quinn in a Browns uniform makes me queasy. And it's not that I think he'll be a bum in the NFL. With the right pieces around him, he could probably start right away and be somewhat successful. The Browns hold none of the pieces needed to accommodate a rookie quarterback. Phil Savage, please don't waste our pick. I'm begging. Please take Thomas or Peterson or Adams or Branch or Johnson. Anyone but Quinn.

Can anyone recall a bigger choke job then what the Bulls pulled off Wednesday night? After the Cavs won, I routinely checked ESPN for the Bulls/Nets score and each time my jaw dropped a bit lower. The Bulls aren't actually going to lay a giant egg in New Jersey and hand the Cavs the two-seed are they? Sure enough they did. Now of course the game will be rendered meaningless if Chicago performs well in the playoffs, but if they're ousted by the Heat that game will haunt every conversation about the 'o7 Bulls for twenty years. Meanwhile, the Cavs get to open against the Wizards. Do they even have enough guys to field a team? I hope Eddie Jordan becomes a player/coach to add some depth. Cleveland wins in five games.

I don't know where to start with the Indians and their series against the Yankees. I haven't been that embarrassed to be a Tribe supporter since the close of the '05 season (six loses to TB and the ChiSox to ruin a 93-win season). I know the Yanks for a sick line-up, but come on! 25 runs!?! Memo to Jake Westbrook: the 2007 baseball season started April 1st. These games count. You might want to try. Is it too late for the team to get its 33 million dollars back from him? I don't know what's worse: that three Yankees got their first ML wins versus us or that we allowed A-Rod to continually club homers. And on the subject of A-Rod: What's up with that victory celebration around the bases? It's April asshole and you don't play for the Bronx little league team. Show some fucking class. Round the bases with your head down. Act like a veteran with some respect for your opponent. I hope Sabathia pegs him in the back next time they play. And no, I'm not bitter. I just can't stand the fucking Yankees.

Responses please.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our very own "Pick n' Role Player Diarist"

Were I in Baltimore, I would take you out for a round of Detroit Car Bombs*, followed by a new cocktail that we would have to create to celebrate the NBA Playoffs (which begin in only 16 hours, holy crap). Gentlemen, submit your recipies for the Oaktown Smallball.

Also, Greg -- You posted a photo on our blog, thus welcoming us to the 21st Blogging Century. Nice job. I think what we need next is a theme song.

* Pint glass of Colt 45, with flaming shot of Ol' Grandad -- it burns Pistons Blue.


Hi guys.

Long-time reader, first-time poster.

As a Red Sox fan it took me a while to come to grips with this, but... I can no longer deny it. I've been loving A-Rod's recent hot hitting. His treatment last year at the hands of the NY tabloids and many Yankees fans was so extreme and so shit-headed that I've found myself secretly rooting for him now and actually enjoying it when he confounds expectations and sticks it to his haters with a game-winning HR.

It's a funny thing though: at what point do I stop rooting for him? His pro-Yankees detractors kept piling on A-Rod to the point that it seemed like they wanted him to fail. But while they've blatantly enjoyed casting him as the scapegoat, what they would have preferred all along of course would have been to be able to lionize him - if only he'd get a big hit. And while it's certainly funny to watch them suddenly fall all over themselves cheering for him, is it really proper for me to derive this weird satisfaction from their hypocrisy? I guess what I'm really feeling is a sense of superiority over the folks in New York who've run A-Rod down so much. "I would never be such a two-faced fan as that."

I'm worried about the rightness of my sympathy for A-Rod because really he is winning games for the team I despise. It only seems like he's sticking it to his haters; those haters are all Yankees fans and are enjoying A-Rod's hitting far more than me. If he keeps it up, eventually they'll forget how much they despised him in '06 and love him like their own. No matter how much smugness this would afford me, why would I want to cheer for this process? After all this crap that went before, how disgusting of a love-in will it be if/when he's finally accepted as a 'true Yankee'? Imagine all the talk of redemption and 'earning his pinstripes' etc. etc. Ecch. Dammit, maybe I do want him to fail.

In any case, the answer to his whole conundrum is really only six hours away: I stop rooting for him when he steps in against the Sox. So here's hoping he goes o-fer the weekend with about 10 K's.

P.S. Tribe fans: Joe Borowski. WTF?

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

cavs question

so, ben -- i remember you saying that repeating a 50-win season would be a disappointment for cleveland. what are your thoughts now, knowing that 50 wins is only 3 wins behind Detroit, that it (just barely) got them a sweetheart schedule in the playoffs, and earned larry hughes his million dollar bonus ?? bulls/heat is going to be an incredible rematch from last year...

The Man from Muskegon

I didn't know Don Nelson was from Michigan. Wow!

The Warriors will be in the playoffs if they beat Portland tonight at the Rose Garden. Or, if they lose but the Clippers also lose. Additionally, if the Lakers lose to the Kings, and the Warriors win, they will be playing Phoenix instead of Dallas. I would be pretty disappointed if that happened, because I think the Warriors actually have a great matchup against Dallas. I would guess that Warriors/Suns would be pretty thrilling, though. 300 points scored each game, more fast breaks than half-court sets, totally insane football passes after every other rebound... And Phoebe and I will be there for games 3 and 4 up in section 231 !!!

Last night during starting lineups, the Warriors were doing their normal sort-of-cowboy-style dance moves, and one of the guys (I can't remember who) did this hillarious performative version of FRISKING stephen jackson for a weapon when jackson was called into the lineup. Really brilliant.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Congrats to Golden State! I wish the Lakers or Denver had been pushed out - two of my least favorite teams in the league.

Sunday, April 15, 2007


If a monta-ellis-to-adonal-foyle-alley-oop ever were a significant part of the warriors' offense, the title of this post would make an awesome game-sign pun on "the full monty." It's too bad adonal foyle is now merely the warriors' version of the human victory cigar, because phoebe would like to rock a "DALLAS: FOYLED AGAIN!" sign on tuesday night. oh yes, we were at oracle arena today, not only for the 2nd consecutive home blow-out, but also for the after-game event -- everyone staying in their seats watching the clippers score update on the jumbotron. yes, the clippers are horrible enough to lose to the kings. incredible. the warriors will make the playoffs IF 1) they win against dallas and portland, 2) they lose to dallas, and beat portland, while the clippers beat the hornets and lose to the suns 3) if they win one game and the lakers manage to lose both of their remaining games . . . the important thing is that the clippers seriously shouldn't be able to beat the suns, so the warriors *should* make the playoffs even if they lose to dallas. i am going to keep quiet because i do not want to ignite an evil jinx, but i did just put down our deposit on round 1 playoff tickets. damn. and i really want to go to baron davis' birthday party tonight, hosted by mos def at mezzanine in sf. boom dizzle's birthday is only 1 day after mine. and he's only 2 years older than me even though he looks like a crazy 60-year old man with his new beard combined with his frequent-as-of-late (celebratory) scowl-faced yelling. probably, instead of going to a hip-hop club downtown, i'll just put on my new warriors headband and work on my upcoming piece, "YOUR COURT", which is, quite literally, going to be a radio-based audio installation for interactive basketball-court.

for baseball: the tigers front of the rotation looks awesome so far: bonderman, verlander, robertson and maroth are all going to have great seasons. until kenny rogers gets re-built, i'd scrap durbin (who is bleeding runs) and pull grilli out of the bullpen for some starts. he looked awesome the other day in 3 scoreless innings.


2006 MLB average runs/game: 4.85

2007: 4.05

Friday, April 13, 2007

In Limbo

I am jealous of Jacob and Pheobe who have not one but TWO teams to be legitatly excited for in the playoffs. My (from a long time ago) Celtics, more recently Knicks, and now (begrudgingly) Wizards are all BIG disappointments. About a week and half ago I was going declare that despite my shakey relationship with the city to the South - my coming to terms with the fact that Baltimore is my home, AND my difficulty in believing (agreeing with ben here) that the Wizards were really a basketball team to be taken seriously, I was finally ready to take on the Arenases as my home team and pull for them the rest of the way. And then... well you all know what happened. Maybe next year.

So in the last week of the season, I wait. Now that the Knicks aren't on the bubble, I can't think of a reason to care about who gets the 8th seed. Chicago and Cleveland will both win their first series (I think) though the Heat will be a lot harder to beat than the Net. Everything else is a lock. Out west - I guess I want Golden State to pull it off - mostly because a Dallas - GS first round series might be the most redeeming pieces of the first two weeks of playoff basketball. But mostly I wait.

Luckily while I wait, I have baseball. Becoming an Orioles fan has been easier than becoming a Wizards fan. I have already been to Camden Yards once - will go again at least once this weekend. The weeks waiting for SWEET playoffs basketball should be just about enough time to shatter my hopes that MAYBE THEY WILL BE GOOD THIS YEAR. I can't quite figure out why they aren't - but they aren't. Two questions about baseball --

(1) My friend made the following comment at the game on Tuesday: "The Tampa Bay Devil Rays have a better chance of winning the world series in the near future than the O's or the Royals". It had something to do with too much fan oversight for the O's and the need to at least try to be a contender every year and therefore screwing up any chance for long term planning. Agree? Disagree?

(2) People in Baltimore hate Peter Angelos like a fat kid hates Coke zero. Those with knowledge/outside perspective - is it justified?

Thursday, April 12, 2007

the game of basketball

the most exciting part of the week was actually NOT when phoebe and i got last minute tickets for jazz v. warriors, and sang "playoffs! playoffs!" to a dancing al harrington and monta ellis sitting on the bench for the last 5 minutes of the blowout win, but the very next night, screaming at the tv for the hornets to beat the clippers. if the clippers lose to the lakers tonight, i will actually buy playoff tickets. nuts. also, GO PACERS!!!!!! why? i didn't remember until last night, the announcers were talking about how the pistons own the magic's draft pick from the darko milicic deal. so, magic, get yourselves out of the playoffs and INTO THE LOTTERY. awesome. also, for the new baseball-zone bloggers, the tigers already have two grand slams this year, and verlander has a season era of 0.00. so, that means they are going to win the world series.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Hello to all of you. Thanks for inviting me to blog.

Last night I watched the Wisconsin Indians beat the California Los Angeles Angels. Here are a few observations:

While the injury to Victor Martinez is devastating to the club's line-up, Kelly Shoppach brings some outstanding defense and a better than average bat. Shoppach homered in the second inning and ended the contest by throwing out Erick Aybar (a fast fellow) attempting to steal second. No way a throw from Victor would have gotten Aybar.

I'm convinced that Casey Blake doesn't have the ability to form new memories. He acts like every at-bat is his first one ever. He stares the opposing pitcher down with a steely glare. He watches the ball's movement as it sails past him into the catcher's mitt. He studies the defense's strategic positioning. Eventually, the umpire asks him to sit down in his dugout without having taken the bat off his shoulder. Casey repeats this procedure three more times per game. And fielding is an even bigger adventure. Besides memory issues, the guy has no clue how to judge the ball as it comes off the bat. I'm glad he's hitting behind Hafner.

I'll be keeping an eye on Slider in the coming weeks. He didn't look healthy last night. Maybe my eyes were playing tricks on me, but he appeared to have a yellow rash on his alien skin. He has been spending a lot time with Bernie Brewer lately...

Another great addition to the MLB all-name team: John Bootcheck, middle reliever for Anaheim.

Finally, I submit Roberto Hernandez to the list of ugly baseball players. Dude has a weird-shaped head.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Ugly men has truly chosen the most horrifying possible image of Don Imus:

This reminded me of a recent conversation about ugly basketball players, and I was hoping people could post some nominations in any sport.

My contribution is "Ugly" Johnny Dickshot, who apparently proclaimed himself the ugliest man in baseball. Check out his Wikipedia page:

His name is actually a lot funnier than his face:


Sunday, April 8, 2007

Dead Ball II

To belabor the point:

MLB scored 105 runs in 14 games today. for an average of 7.5 runs per game. That's 3.75 runs per team.

The Red Sox won 3-2 (read my last post!) ... in Arlington. There were two 2-1 games and two 3-1 games.

The worst starts of the day came (unsurprisingly) from Jason Jennings, Barry Zito, and Wade Miller, the last of whom Greg Ferguson and I agreed probably shouldn't be in the major leagues.

In other news, it is unclear whether the Indians will ever play again. They had an entire four-game series scheduled for tomorrow - one game at 6AM, a second at 8:30, a third at 11, and a nightcap at 3PM following a brief cocoa siesta - but it has already been canceled due to Jeremy Sowers refusing to pitch in a parka.

Saturday, April 7, 2007

The Dead Ball Era - Alive Again?

Could this be a pitching year? An unusually large crop of young talent (Verlander, E. Santana, Kazmir, Sabathia, Lackey, R. Hill) looks like mature aces or number two starters, some relative question marks coming from injuries/stints in the psych ward/The Far East (Greinke, Pavano, Harden, Lilly, Matsuzaka) are already very promising, and Sowers, Bonser, and F. Hernandez all pitched great in their first starts. Add this to the establishment of Zambrano, Santana, Sheets, Peavey, Carpenter, Halladay, and several others, and the season holds promise for some wonderful offensive impotence.

I'd like it very much if Boston continued to win by an average margin of 3-2, if Kansas City plugged along losing lots of 3-4 games, and if St Louis kept up a one-run-per-game pace. SF, Philly, Houston and Pittsburgh, Oakland, Minnesota, and LAA are producing similar figures in the short sample of the season so far.

Friday, April 6, 2007

heard it on the radio, radio

apparently, while in memphis on an off-day today, don nelson was asked on-air if he was sticking to his diet. he replied that he would be having a scotch and soda plus ribs for dinner. when asked it they were beef or pork ribs, nellie replied, i don't know, i'm just having ribs. GO WARRIORS! The new starting line-up could be the smallest of the modern era???? They really look like 4 guards and a small forward out there. Consider: PG Baron Davis 6'3", SG Monta Ellis 6'3", SF Jason Richardson 6'6", PF Stephen Jackson 6'8", C Al Harrington 6'9" -- that's only a combined 32'5". How about the Pistons at 33'4" or the Cavs at 33'7" ... Interesting.

Thursday, April 5, 2007

broken wizard

is there any doubt that gilbert arenas and caron butler BOTH being out for the rest of the season leaves the wizards as the absolute worst team in the nba? don't you think they'd lose a playoff series to the grizzlies and possibly even the celtics? definitely a bummer for those interested in insane last minute playoff duels. april without arenas. not as exciting.


Good omens and bad in yesterday's Indians game. Victor's picked up where he left off last year. 4/4 yesterday with two RBIs and a key hit. The lineup again looked hungry and extremely productive.

I'm not particularly concerned about Westbrook's bad start, because it was so bad it had to be jitters and rust. The fact that the bullpen went four scoreless innings after he hit the showers weighs much more heavily in the positive direction. It was crucial for Borowski to get that first save, and Hernandez looked sharp. So did Fultz. Winning this series, potentially even sweeping it on the road, was an important statement to start the season.

I have already made my prediction about the Cubs winning the Central known to Greg Ferguson, but I will announce it more publicly now. Zambrano's first start was mediocre, but that won't last, and Lilly's excellent line yesterday (7 innings, 3 H, 1 R, 9 Ks) portended good things. Marquis and Rich Hill follow next in the rotation.

Not much to say about the lineup yet, but it would seem that the crucial developments will be a) Lee, Soriano, and Barrett getting their swings and b) Murton definitively beating out Floyd for the left field spot.

Tuesday, April 3, 2007


The Indians are on pace to score almost two thousand runs, a significant improvement over every team in the history of the sport. In spite of the good win, Borowski's performance was more than a little scary. If Nixon stays healthy and consistent, that lineup could be scary.

In prospect news, Alex Gordon went 0-3 and Troy Tupperware was something like 2-4 with some RBIs. B.J. Upton I believe had a good game as well.

Ben Sheets appears to be in playoff form. Why on earth would you let a pitcher - any pitcher - go nine innings on opening day?

Monday, April 2, 2007


The Mets looked solid in the first baseball game of the year; the Cardinals looked atrocious defensively and didn't hit. The LF made an error that was really, really Taguchi. Meanwhile, Carlos Beltran threw a strike to get a runner at home to protect the lead in I think the seventh. Plus the Mets turned four DPs, including one with the bases juiced.

The Cardinals could be pretty awful. Unless Carpenter can be lights out, and even if he is, they're in pretty deep trouble with that rotation. Pujols will win some games by himself but a lot of that lineup is rather aged/banged up/regressing as well.